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Over the last 15 years of my business life, reading a lot, learning a lot I can assure this book is a learning and fun experience that opened a new horizon in my thinking of business

Mike Hadi, Phd, Managing Director, Elite Consulting LLC

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  • avatar for 7alpha3 business e-management model testimonial Dr. B. Davies Executive Marketing Strategist, Msc. Bsc. Phd,

    Every business owners should read this before their employees do. This book synthesizes the complexities of business e-management into easy-to-consume, actionable ideas that add immediate value in thinking, planning and running a business… it not only engages and inspires leaders at a visionary level, but it also provides a host of pragmatic strategies that are easy to implement and applicable to businesses of all sizes and types.

  • avatar for 7alpha3 business e-management testimonial Dr. Daniele Buzzurro Founder, DreamYourMind LLC & Head of Strategic Relations at Tedx ViadellaConciliazion, Rome, Italy

    Do you want to have a new vision about where business is going to in the next years? Then you have to give a look to this book; good for experts and newbies. It'll help you all to better understand how to look at your business in terms of daily tasks and how these tasks are influenced by time and place you work in.
    To be more specific, the parts I loved most is where very well explained what intelligence is ... and the differences between physical intelligence, spiritual intelligence e mental intelligence. And again, when the author is giving the right definition of Needs... letting us all understand how easy & at the same time very strategic the pathway to riches is ....

  • avatar for 7alpha3 advanced business e-management testimonial Dr. Muhammad Managing Director, Gulf Petroleum Dubai

    This is a MUST read book to grasp a good idea about how future business is going to be. I read a lot about the same subject but non of these books in the market has fully covered the whole subject and introduced a full integration system as this author Did, most probably this is because she has the successful business life as well as the high level education.

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5 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. Your Decisions Now Worth a Billion Dollars! Discover how to unravel the true Transformational Leader within and make decisions that lead to superior results the Sevenα3 way.
  2. Insure & Protect Your Success: Learn how to bulletproof your success indefinitely and keep it unaffected by economic downturns and unforeseen political, technological and industrial changes by spotting and removing Your threatening RP-RT taks.
  3. Be an Industry Leader: Find out how to Kill your Competition with Kindness, even the most fierce ones, using the unrealized power of Steering Forces.
  4. Be a "Top Company to Work for": Get insight on how to optimize Productivity and Employees' Satisfaction at the same time, using the ingenious Productive SOT formula so that people would want to pay you to work for you.
  5. Be Happy and Spread Happiness: Adapt to Sevenα3 Culture to maintain a mass-celeberated and self-paced organizational growth, develope talents, improve awareness & identity, and contribute to the realization of dreams and goals.

About The Author

Infogram of the Author of 7alpha3 advanced business e-management model

The brilliance of Sevenα3 advanced e-management model is not just rooted in author’s visionary approach. There are other models that have attempted and managed to address some core issues and questions about the modern management of business. None of the experts behind such models however, prior to getting engaged on an online business, have been exposed and actively involved in traditional business at a multi-national level and they have thus lacked the insight into the inherent advantages and safety of traditional business operations, nor are they familiar with all the questions challenges and risks that a traditional business faces when attempting to adapt to the modern way of running and managing business.

As the oldest child of one of the most successful self-made Businessmen who owned several international businesses and manufacturing companies across continents, multiple gigantic real estates, a university, and over 3000 employees all before the age of 40, author’s involvement in business at senior level and with world top executives started at an early age and long before she was old enough to get any college education on principles of business which according to her was a blessing:

Father always motivated me to think big and in volume and never settle for trivial and so the vision I shaped on business was very different from the approach taught in business books

All the concepts explained in this e-management and e-leadership course are concluded by the author following her over 10 years of close observation and studies of Offline & Online Global Organizations, small firms, and freelancers and are thus presented to the business world for the very first time.

Authors’ educational background in Occupational Therapy (impact of Occupation on Mental and Physical health) , Math, Graphic Design, Information Technology, and International Business and her involvement in different types of Business from service industry -to SCM, Outsourcing, and Private Labeling -to E-Commerce - to International wholesale commodity trade of materials such as gold, diamond, oil, and steel has enabled her to repaint the concept of business with a holistic outlook that allows for Quality life for both Employees and Employers of organizations of all sizes.

If you are still wondering where your success is, it is in that untapped part of your brain. If you are wondering where your growth is. It is on that untapped part of your mind. Start digging!

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7alpha3 advanced business e-management model

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7alpha3 advanced business e-management model

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